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Application Development – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Department Application Development
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level


Help us solve real-world problems in the communities we care about.

We’re looking for bright, tenacious problem-solvers to join us as we transform communities by enabling better data-informed decision-making across our education, health, criminal justice, and social services systems.

We are Asemio and our team of data scientists, software engineers, architects and management consultants are working together to achieve a nationwide data ecosystem for social good.

Resumés are welcome from talented individuals at all levels, including recent graduates, that have a strong desire to develop technology solutions to improve community services nationwide. The information below should help you understand the depth of experience needed at each level.

For exceptionally talented recent graduates without significant technology experience, we will train and mentor you to obtain the technical skills that you will need to be successful.

Our Junior Software Engineers have a basic understanding of object-oriented design and source control tools, and are comfortable writing code using Test Driven Development in at least one programming language.

Our Intermediate Software Engineers are experienced in at least two programming languages, continuous integration and delivery workflow, refactoring, and have a basic understanding of SQL and database schema design.

Our Senior Software Engineers are proficient in at least three programming languages; configuring, deploying, and administering continuous integration and delivery workflows; evaluating code for quality and applying appropriate refactoring; and evaluating object-oriented designs and database schemas.

Our Software Architects are experts at designing, developing, and implementing applications; defining technology-based processes and standards; establishing practices that result in the delivery of the highest quality solutions; and coaching Software Engineers towards higher skill and productivity levels. Our Architects thrive in a highly collaborative workplace and actively engage in the development process.

If our vision excites you, and you have a desire to learn more, then send us your resumé and a link to some code you’re proud of—maybe it’s an open-source product you developed or had a hand in, a project you’re passionate about, or an attempt at something new and fun. In return, we welcome the opportunity to share how our combined forces create innovative solutions to complex community problems, fueled by the passion to make a difference.

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